Bangladesh Tourism Rethink and Restart

Tourism is perhaps as old as that of mankind. It is emerging as a leading global economic force in the 21st century for many countries. Bangladesh is far behind of it, but still it belongs to the 3% of country’s total economy.

Bangladesh is in the North-Eastern part south Asian region. This country is known as belonging of the world’s longest unbroken sandy beach, the largest mangrove forest of the world-the home of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger at Sundarbans and the hospitable and open-hearted community people. Lonely Planet ranked Bangladesh as the best value destination for the year 2011. The most notable feature of the country’s topography is the diversity of its landscape, characterized by fertile lands and jungles in sylhet, Rangamati, Khagrachhari and Bandarban hill districts, Sundarbans, Mymensingh, Tangail. It is as rare beauty spot of sunrise and sunset in fascinating Kuakata. Bangladesh also holds the oldest archeological site in Mahasthangarh, Sompur, Wari-Boteswar etc. It has a lush and lurid tea plantation; tribal groups; freshwater dolphins and deep-water whales and many other delightful beauties of cultural and historical heritage.

These treasures are relatively unknown in the world and are rich resources for the development of tourism in Bangladesh. Moreover, livelihood and lifestyle are still unique in comparison western world. So, there are lots of scopes and opportunities if Bangladesh attempts to highlight it as a tourist destination to the potential tourists properly through implementation of some strategies. Building better image of Bangladesh and ensuring safety and security of tourists, the country would be able to earn many times higher than the present by attracting more tourists within a short time.