Who is Bunny Bhoola?

Ms Bunny Bhoola is the owner of African Link Tours, one of the most successful travel companies in South Africa. Throughout her employment and in her business, the main thrust of her work has been in the area of creating products and networks for business growth. These include talent acquisition, development, stakeholder linkages, mentorship programmes, performance management, labour relations, employment equity and transformation, organisational development. In recent years much of her involvement has been in applying her expertise in the area of policy and strategy development for the public and private sectors.

Her ability to provide strategic and operational expertise will benefit the chapter. Her success as a businesswoman is indicative of her entrepreneurial drive, leadership spirit, and business acumen.

Ms Bhoola has served on many boards including Southern Africa Tourism Services Association, Gandhi Foundation, SKAL International South Africa, Tourism Authority of Kwa-Zulu Natal, KZN Sharks Board, Pietermaritzburg Tourism, Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business, and Tourism BEE Council.

She has also been awarded several accolades for her role as an entrepreneur and social entrepreneur.

Ms Bhoola holds a B. Tech in Tourism Management.