Saturday, 4 December, at 4 pm Bangkok 


Opening and Welcome Remarks

Dr.Reza Soltani

Message from The International Buddhist Tourism Conference Chief Organizer

Mr. Jaffee Yee

Words from Moderator

Dr. Birgit Trauer

Contribution of Chinese Pilgrims to Buddhist Tourism in India

Professor Victor Wee

Buddhist pilgrimage in Thailand and beyond. Meaning of Pilgrimage in the Buddha’s word

Dr. Phrakhru Suthee Sutasuntorn

Bhutan a Baeyul , A space for spiritual awakening

Mr. Dorji Dhradul

Importance of World Tourism

Dr. Taleb Rifai

Towards Sustainable Development of Buddhist Tourism in Southeast Asia

Mr. Lim Kooi Fong

A feminist perspective on Buddhism in Myanmar and Thailand

Dr. Andrea Valentin

What I have learned heading Mekong Tourism for 8 years, and the potential of Buddhist Tourism

Jens Thraenhart

Urban Temples and Post-COVID19 Buddhist Tourism

Dr. Worrasit Tantinipankul

Buddhist Tourism: Special Interest Tourism Perspectives

Dr. Birgit Trauer



Closing and Buddhist prayer for health and peace.