Who is Deborah Campagnaro ?

Ms. Deborah Campagnaro has enjoyed a decades long career in the investment industry and has recently left to focus on the other important venture in her life – Indigenous Kokoda Adventures, (Papua New Guinea) the first wholly Indigenous, locally owned led and operated tour operator on the Kokoda Track.
Deborah and her husband completed the Kokoda Track in 2017 and upon arriving home in Canada found she was extremely affected by the hardship and difficulties of life for the people there. Being of Mohawk decent, Deborah is aware of the challenges faced by Indigenous peoples and understands the desperate need for change for many Indigenous peoples in so many countries around the globe. Her path soon crossed with Jesse Leta’s, whose own vision to make a difference along Kokoda was also beginning. Jesse lives in Port Moresby but is from the Kokoda Track and knows the difficulties and struggle the people have there still.

Deborah and Jesse have been working together since the beginning of 2018 bringing Indigenous Kokoda Adventures to life to effect change along the Track by providing a better employment experience for the porters and guides that will ultimately help to disrupt the cycle of poverty that still exists.

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