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Who is Clive-Muir?

Clive Muir, PhD, an educator and social design consultant, has studied community heritage for most of his life. At age ten, he helped staff to pick shards from dirt at Old King’s House in Spanish Town.

He studied geography and history and completed a BSc in Tourism at UWI Mona. In 1990, while in graduate school at Penn State, he contributed to a proposal to the US Congress to fund rural tourism amenities across the United States.

He organized heritage programs and taught hospitality and tourism at a local college in the South Carolina Sea Islands. He has visited heritage sites in Canada, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean, and presented a paper to develop Anansi folklore houses in Jamaica at the WTO Rose Hall conference in 2017.

He has a doctorate in communication from New Mexico State University and lives in eastern Texas.

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