Who is Fazileh Dadvar-Khani ?

Fazileh Dadvar-Khani Professor of Geography and rural planning at university of Tehran, Iran and Secretariat of Academic platform at Urban Economy Forum, at the same time I am visiting scholar at York University – Canada. 

My major discipline is rural planning; meanwhile most of my works are concentrated on Gender geography and rural tourism and how to apply gender analysis and local community engagement in tourism and rural development. I have many researches and I have published 7 books in Persian about women studies, gender geography and tourism planning, including “paradigm of gender geography in 2006”. Also I published more than 80 articles in Persian and 12 articles in English, mostly on gender geography and tourism development. Currently I serve in 2 ISC journals as an editor-in-chief including, Human Geography Research Journal and Journal of Research on Women, Development and Politics both belong to University of Tehran, meanwhile I am reviewer in many ISI Journals including Gender, Place and Culture and current issues in Tourism.