Who is Jaranya Daengnoy?

Ms. Jaranya Daengnoy is director of Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute.

Jaranya is Operations Manager/ Coordinator at Working group on Responsible Visit Village Standard: TOUR LINK. 

Summary of Qualifications

  • Design and facilitation of Community-Based Tourism (CBT[1]) training and of study trips for international NGOs, Government agencies and universities.
  • Community-Based Tourism development program across Thailand and Asia-Pacific region.
  • Protocols development as liaison and resource person for government and local communities.
  • Excellent analytical ability, strong written and verbal presentation skills, and the skill-set to work independently on a broad variety of assignments
  • Excellent interpersonal and intercultural competency.

Key Professional Experience

Director (October 2014-the present)

        Thailand Community-Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I), Thailand

  • Lead, coach, develop, and retain CBT-I’s high-performance senior management team Ensure effective systems to track scaling progress, and regularly evaluate program components, so as to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the board, funders, and other constituents
  • Expand local revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing program operations and regional expansion
  • Begin to build partnerships in new markets, establishing relationships with the funders, and political and community leaders at each expansion site
  • Be an external local and national presence that publishes and communicates program results with an emphasis on the successes of the local program as a model for regional and national replication

      Thai Expert (September 2017 – the present)

           Sustainable Tourism and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Mongolia, TICA, GIZ Th and  


    • Design, plan and study an appraisal mission for Sustainable Tourism and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Mongolia
    • Plan the project activity workshop to meet the goal and objectives, review and formulate the project proposal with all stakeholders
    • Design and plan for key performance workshop and training for Mongolia partners
    • Plan on facilitation the kickoff workshops with Mongolia partners
    • Capacity building and coaching the local facilitators for all stages of the community-based tourism development and other process as requested           

    Workshops and Presentations Delivered

    • Community-Based Tourism: Planning and Development, Sustainability Challenges, Economic Sustainability, Market Place and Price Policy, Cultural Tourism in Asia Pacific, Research and Field Trip and Institutional Training on for CBT Network
    • Team building, Organizational Development, Change Agent, Gender and Development


    Course work of Master of Arts in Service, Leadership and Management
    SIT Graduate Institute, Brattleboro, VT

    Awards: Intercultural Leadership and Community Service Scholarships

    Courses include: Multicultural Team-Building, Intercultural Communication,

    NGOs and Social Organization Management, Theory and Practice in

    International Education, Practitioner Inquiry, Human Resource Management, Cross- Cultural Counseling, Social Identity  and Social Change

         Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management in Social Development

    Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada (1995)

         Bachelor of Liberal Arts (History and Political Sciences)

    Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand (1987)

    [1] CBT is a form of ecotourism

Leadership position in the field of organizational development and planning of Community-based development with emphasis on tourism as a strategy for sustainable development.

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