Who is Sab Faro ?

Ms. Sab Faro is Global Politics And Public Policy

Click here for her Presentation Tourism and Poverty  Alleviation (PDF file) 

Sab Faro Collectives from
Singapore and currently residing in Bali, Indonesia for almost a decade.

My multidisciplinary approach operates at the nexus of social impact, journalism, and regenerative real estate, with a keen focus on CSR, community development, and sustainability initiatives. Aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development
Goals, my pursuits aim to effect positive change on a global scale.

My academic background
includes expertise in international business and double majors in public policy and global politics. I am adept at solving wicked issues by working across disciplines. Additionally, | hold a journalism diploma.

I enjoy leveraging technology, education, and information to address systemic issues that impact vulnerable communities, promoting civic engagement, behavioral change, and economic development.

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