Who is Catherine Germier-Hamel?

Catherine Germier Hamel

Catherine Germier boasts 30 years of international experience across Africa, Latin America, and Southeast/Northeast Asia.
She’s not your typical entrepreneur—she’s an impact-driven force for change. Her professional career began by consulting on environmental utility management in developing nations. But she found her true calling in championing sustainable tourism. To her, it’s more than a business—it’s a catalyst for local empowerment and development.
Catherine’s journey took her to South Korea in 2005. She delved into hospitality and F&B before steering the ship as Director of Global Programs at the ST-EP Foundation, a World Tourism Organization initiative in Seoul. In 2014, she branched out as an independent consultant, birthing Millennium Destinations—an impact enterprise providing creative consulting services and innovative solutions to tourism-related businesses and organizations for their sustainable development, management, and marketing, toward promoting inclusive societies and sustainable economies. Simultaneously, she founded Millennium Hikers, uniting outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for positive impact. Her innovation didn’t stop there.
In 2020, she co-created Herost—a startup and a smart travel guide championing eco-friendly, community-centric travel experiences powered by local heroes.
November 2021 marked a pivotal moment as Catherine assumed the role of CEO at Destination Mekong. Leading this private Destination Management and Marketing Organization in Cambodia, she’s spearheading sustainable tourism ecosystems in the Mekong region. And she’s doing it all from her new base in vibrant Phnom Penh.

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