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Mr. Jake Haupert is CEO of The Transformational Travel Council Seattle, Washington, USA.

Training, facilitating and speaking on transformation design, the transformation economy, and regenerative development.

Jake considers himself a guardian of the planet and the transformative power of travel. He and the organizations he participates in are dedicated to guiding people, places, and tourism in transforming, thriving, and becoming more conscious and regenerative. 

He’s passionately advocating for new ways of believing, being, doing, and traveling that positively impact our lives, how we are with others, and how we relate to our planet. Travel today has become devoid of intention, integrity, meaning, and purpose, resulting in personal experiences lacking their full potential which, too often, reinforces boundaries, worldviews, and practices rather than stretching and evolving them. Despite our good intentions, unintended consequences have contributed to our current social and ecological crisis rather than catalytic to human development, healing, and collective prosperity. Jake believes the time is now to change that and invites you to join him. 

Jake is currently most excited to be participating in the “Transformation Economy Collaborative” led by Stone Mantel, an experience strategy company, and convening a roundtable of travel-specific brands. 


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