Who is Siska Mandalia ?

Siska Mandalia is an experienced academic and researcher passionate about advancing tourism management. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in 2011 and went on to complete a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) with a focus on Tourism Management at Chung Hua University, Taiwan, in 2019.

During her time at Chung Hua University, Siska developed a strong interest in advanced tourism development, exploring areas like Tourist Behaviour, Cultural Tourism, Health Tourism, and Muslim-Friendly Tourism. Her academic journey reflects a commitment to understanding the changing dynamics of the tourism industry and finding innovative solutions to emerging challenges.

Motivated to contribute to academic discussions, Siska is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Dundee United Kingdom. Her research focuses on pushing the boundaries of knowledge in advanced tourism development, covering key areas such as Tourism Geography, Sustainable Tourism, Tourist Behaviour, Cultural Tourism, Health Tourism, and Muslim-Friendly Tourism.

Siska’s academic path showcases not only her intellectual capabilities but also her dedication to making meaningful contributions to the tourism sector. Her interdisciplinary approach aligns with the evolving needs of the global industry.

As she works towards her Ph.D. at the University of Dundee, Siska continues to be a trailblazer in the field, contributing to knowledge advancement and sustainable tourism practices. Her work addresses current challenges and aims to shape the future of tourism through innovation and inclusivity.

Outside academia, Siska actively engages with the global tourism community, participating in conferences, collaborating with industry professionals, and sharing her expertise to inspire the next generation of tourism leaders.

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