Who is Timothy Marshall?

Mr. Marshall has served as Board Chairman of IIPT since 1997. In this role, he has addressed Global Summits at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland; Africa, Asia, and the Middle East on the economic, environmental (climate change), and cultural sustainability of the tourism sector through global peace initiatives.

IIPT has established Global Peace Parks on six of the seven continents around the world. Mr. Marshall led in the renaming of IIPT’s International Peace Park at Victoria Falls in honor of Dr. Maya Angelou.

Mr. Marshall established a national economic development pilot program for the Clinton Administration which was replicated in 16 major markets throughout the United States. He has chaired and addressed Global Trade Summits at the Washington D.C. Convention Center and JFK Airport featuring Trade and Diplomatic officials from China, Central America and the Gulf Region. He is a member of regional and national non profit Boards in the areas of housing, healthcare, education, and community and economic development; including targeted services to children, youth, and senior citizens.

Mr. Marshall has received numerous public and private sector awards at the local, state and national levels for his leadership in serving disenfranchised communities throughout the United States. He is a Father and an Ordained Deacon in the Baptist Church.

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