Who is Mona Naffa?

Ms. Mona Naffa is an American Arab born, raised, educated in the USA and now resides in Jordan, leaves a career in Pharmaceuticals to join Jordan’s Hotel and Tourism sector, a shift from medicine to memories. 

In 2009, Mona introduced the Expedia and Trip Advisor brand to Jordan, Mona and team managed the Jordan experiences, cultivated the brands, and created Taking Jordan by Storm Tour, a film tour experience.  A decade plus with Expedia, then came COVID.

Today, Mona and team created Destination Jordan which advocates building bridges through travel, storytelling and social enterprise programs.   Destination Jordan targets the following but not limited to:  student travel programs; film site travel tours, and travel for a cause experiences with assistance going towards education, youth, and female focused initiatives.   www.destination-jordan.com

No one better describes Jordan then a woman whose mother was Miss Jordan in 1960 and her father a well renowned university professor of Middle Eastern History.  I grew up in the USA influenced with a western education and work ethics and nurtured the eastern values and traditions at home.  My life has been a steady stream of opportunities, and with gratitude, I embrace new opportunities in education, travel, creativity and innovation.

Fun Facts:

  • Created the Dead Sea Jordan Mud Festival, a showcase of the Dead Sea therapeutic Mud and Salt products and sharing their benefits.
  • Guinness World Record Winner (twice): Largest Floating Peace Sign and Longest Handmade Slip & Slide   
  • Created ‘Taking Jordan by Storm Tour’: Tours of Hollywood favorite film locations in Jordan
  • Harvard University Student Agency Partner in Jordan, a Harvard quality accessible education opportunity for the youth.
  • Member of the YWCA Jordan Innovation and Marketing Team
  • Keen Interest of Middle East Affairs, Gender Inclusion, and an Advocate for Education

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