Who is Nesang Pula Maleka?

Mr Nesang Pula Maleka is an active youth in tourism empowerment, advocate, having dedicated his young life championing the interests of youth in tourism, he is a strategist, and a hands-on marketing and operations person with vast experience in the implementation of strategic enterprise development initiatives in South Africa.

Founder and director of Mzansi Tourism Experience, an integrated Tourism Enterprise servicing the tourism industry, Nesang has managed and operated this enterprise since graduating from University, and over 7 years in the company management and transformation activist. Nesang believes that transforming and innovation with focus on township and rural development is a necessary enabler to true transformation and inclusion in the tourism sector, as such in 2019, Nesang was appointed to the Tourism Transformation Council of South Africa, a body poised to be a champion in the transformation of tourism in South Africa.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Nesang has been active in bringing spotlight to an inclusive tourism economy, bringing to attention the need for young people to be prioritized, and providing enterprise development aimed at enabling SMME’s to up-skill and best position themselves for recovery in a COVID 19 environment.

Nesang completed his B.A Marketing Degree from the University of Johannesburg in 2009. Mzansi Tourism Experience is an active member of the change makers in tourism.