Who is Shirley Nzeh?

Shirley Nzeh is a Ghanaian-born Business Professional and Entrepreneur living in the UK. She helps companies manage, Risk, Change, increase profitability and has delivered global transformation programs for top-tier consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Following the global financial crises, Shirley pivoted from technology and oil and gas into the Corporate Governance, Risk, Reporting and Compliance space and worked on remedial programs for banks to rebuild trust and restore market confidence and stability. At Barclays Bank, Shirley led an international team assembled to rebuild the target operating model with the responsibility to implement a new Corporate Governance structure and functional secretariat for the newly established Compliance COO. Following that, she moved to a leadership position on the HSBC Business Risk Transformation program and then the HSBC Financial Crime Compliance program.

More recently, she has explored projects as a Digital Entrepreneur and owner of a best-selling brand on the global marketplaces, Amazon, servicing five European markets, including the United Kingdom, France & Italy, Shirley is also a Digital Strategist, Start-up Coach and Mentor who frequently engages with business owners, innovation hubs and tertiary institutions in Europe and Africa with a view to optimising their business strategy, processes, operations and outcomes.