Who is Tjok Bagus Pemayun?

Mr. Tjok Bagus Pemayun is Head of Bali Tourism Office. 

He has Diploma IV Tourism at Udayana University (1991)
5. Magister Management at Udayana University (2005)
C. Experiences
1. Section Head Promotion of Bali Tourism Office (Tahun 2012-2013)
2. Head of Department Culture Value at Bali Culture Office (2013-2015)
3. Secretary of Bali Tourism Office (2015-2017)
4. Head of Development Administration Bureau (2017-2019)
5. Head of Economy and Development Administration Bureau (2019-2022)
6. Acting Director as a Head of Bali Tourism Office (October 28rd, 2021- 02 Januari 2022)
7. Head of Bali Tourism Office (January 03rd, 2022- Now)

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