Who is Maria Lorena P.Guba ?

Three things Maria Lorena P. Guba or PG to her friends, wanted to be when she grows up – to be a teacher, an engineer and an astronaut! 

A teacher because she was inspired by her teachers in grade school. They seem to know everything and it amazes her that they are so giving and nurturing to the young minds. 

An engineer because bridges are just awesome, it connects people to places and she was one of those who loves to wander. 

An astronaut because the heavens and that space above are truly astonishing! 

She graduated as an Industrial Engineer, and though, she’s not a teacher in a traditional school setting, she’s a tour guide teaching beyond the classroom walls. 

She’s a scholar of Español Como Lengua Estranjera in Colombia, studied the Russian Language in Moscow and is currently taking her Masters in Religious Education. 

She is a Cultural Mapping Facilitator of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts that go around the Philippines, a member of International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the Anthropological Association of the Philippines.

She is a National Technical and Vocational Education Trainer for Tourism Promotion Services, a Community Guide Trainer of the Tourism Industry Skills Program, a Filipino Brand of Service Excellence Trainer, and the President of the Cebu Association of Tourguides Inc.

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