Who is Putu Diah Sastri Pitanatri?

Dr. Putu Diah Sastri Pitanatri, is a lecturer in Bali Tourism Polytechnic, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia and currently a Phd candidate for Tourism Studies at Gadjah Mada University.

In addition to being active in various national and international associations, Diah has written several books including Homestay: A Mosaics of Community Based Tourism (2018, eds with I Wayan Mertha), and Culinary Tourism: A New Attributes of Ubud (2016 with I Nyoman Darma Putra). She has also received 1st place in Win Way Award (2018) as the best lecturer under the Ministry of Tourism Republic if Indonesia and best paper presenter in OBOROT-Palembang 1st International Conference (2018).

Her research interest currently focuses on smart tourism, big data, mobilities, and tourist studies. To date, she is also an active reviewer in national journals and speaker in many international conferences.

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