Who is Gianni Pitingolo?

Gianni Pitingolo has been a lawyer since 1997. He is specialised in labor law and human resources management covering both private and public sector.

He has won hundreds of trials, has been speaker at numerous conferences and seminars. He is the president of the association #IoResto, which he founded in May 2019. #IoResto aims to boost the civic sense, public participation and the sense of belonging in the city of Crotone, Italy, by promoting sustainable development, the human factor, the uniqueness and beauty of the city and its surroundings. The work developed by the associazion #IoResto was recognized by the UN as a particularly innovative approach and on 2 November 2020 #IoResto was included in the world map of associations working for sustainable tourism SDGs11 – sustainable cities & communities – giving to its local commitment, a global context.