Who is HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz Bin Nasser?

HRH Prince Dr. Abdul-Aziz Bin Nasser Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, Ret. Gen. Chairman of Zaff International Group HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Nasser is a member of the Saudi Royal family with extensive academic, government and business experience.

He has extensive academic, public service and career background is in security where he held a number of key positions. He was a member and advisor in the Saudi National Security Council Advisor to the Minister of Interior, and held a position as the Deputy Commander of the Saudi Industrial Security Force, operating throughout the various regions of the Kingdom. Prior to this, he was a General in the Security Police with various positions in security, criminal investigation and other key governmental positions, and other business and commercial sectors. HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz is a businessman and entrepreneur and serves as Chairman of the Board of Zaff International Group which includes a number of subsidiaries specializing in security, safety, training, government procurement, trading and distribution, defense services and other local and international joint ventures.

He is the Chairman of the Board of Berger Saudia which is a joint venture with Louis Berger Group of USA. He also holds extensive interests in numerous real estate investments across Saudi Arabia. He is the Chairman of the Board of Saudi Malaysian Industrial Development Group with various newly established industrial joint ventures in industrial and infrastructure projects. He also serves as Chairman or as a Board member of various social, athletic and football teams including a position of Vice President of Al-Hilal Football Club for a number of years, and other philanthropic organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.