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Rudi Page

Who is Rudi Page?

Rudi Page has extensive and accomplished cross-sectoral expertise in change
management, project management and policy implementation. He has senior level experience in the selection of ministerial and NHS senior leaders including NHS Trust Boards, Strategic Health Bodies, Governing Councils, Expert
Panels, Advisory Groups and External Teams.
As a proven skilled facilitator, he is personally and professionally committed to
inclusion that influences local leadership and management system changes that
gain the trust and co-operation from frontline teams within sensitive working
environments. He has an excellent track record of achievement for executive coaching and mentoring for senior leaders and frontline staff responsible for programme implementation and transformational leadership.

Rudi, devised and facilitates the Enhanced Leadership Insights (ELi) management model on behalf of NHS Trusts. ELi portfolio includes the successfully tried and tested children’s futures, maternity futures, midwifery futures, ready to lead and shaping our future programmes that have made a measurable, positive and ongoing impact on organisational strategies for promoting a postive work culture.
He is a recent adviser to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, Ministry of Health and responsible for initiating and coordinating the Caribbean Diaspora Health System+ and Diaspora Delivery System management models to provide UK
Professionals with a pathway for integrating skills and expertise within the UK Caribbean Region.
Enhanced Leadership Insights (ELi) ELi management model provides a structured approach to managing inclusion and local system transformation (midwifery futures, maternity futures, children’s futures and shaping our future).
How ELi works
Strategic dialogues are translated into key deliverables for workforce development and staff
engagement based on well-being and system performance.
ELi is designed to influence organisational and cultural change for new models of care
delivered by frontline teams with management support, to achieve high quality care, easily
accessible, sustainable services within large scale and devolved complex health systems.
ELi transforms Being at its core a multi-faceted system transformation and management skills programme,
ELi informs board level critical decision-making for executive assurance and challenge across organisational lines of communication and accountability. In addition, organisations are offered the opportunity to succession plan and to meet the opportunities and challenges
of managing inclusion through well-led teams at all levels. ELi inspires
ELi encompasses executive coaching and mentoring for developing leadership and organisational capability at all levels.

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