Rural Tourism and Rural Political Conflicts in Bangladesh

By Asmaul Husna Megha

When a government claims that a country is democratic, politics should appear with active participatory politics, not with class based. In Bangladesh, politics is now all about affluent people’s control, corruption, violation. Though government shows huge concern for national and local politics, intra-political conflicts is a major issue in the way of development. There are many developments project running in current time in urban area in existence of political barriers. However, rural area is facing problems due to shifting the control and power to local government or local political parties. Rural people are cornered and suffered a lot in terms of farming, business, local control, infrastructural development, human resources improvement. with majority of rural area, Bangladesh has no recognizable inclusive rural policy yet.

 Tourism can be a potential developmental strategy to mitigate these conflicts as well as to bring community participation. I think introducing rural tourism resulted in win-win situation for both local political parties and local community. We all can see the growth of tourism and its contribution to economy. Letting local political parties know about the benefit of tourism in his area will work. As ensuring 5A’s-attractions, access, accommodation, amenities, and activities is fundamental for successful tourism, decision-makers need the participation of local community. It also helps to reduce the communication gap between political parties and locals. Chairman and members can show visible changes to the country by promoting tourism activities. Rural tourism can enforce to develop transportation system, road construction as providing tourist protection and security is one of the responsibilities of government. Utilizing farming-process, sight-seeing, fishing, culinary art, culture, local livelihoods, language as attraction for rural tourist will make community’s confidence and pride. It will help to increase human capital. Political parties can also empower women of their area by plotted them in showcasing local handicrafts. Moreover, contribution of political results in economical development of a rural area.

If local government can impose a systematic way of living, the day is no so far when rural people start a happy life.




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