Who is https://institutetourism.com/sarr/ ?

I am M. Lamin Sarr, I was born and brought up in the Gambia where he currently resides. He also lived for many years in the United States where he studied at Keystone College, Brown University, and University of Washington. He also was a research fellow at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Lamin’s work experience include Fisheries Expert for FAO, and provided consultancy services to UNDP,  UNESCO’s Marine Science Division. He was also the  Deputy Managing Director of The Gambia Ports Authority.

Lamin is the Founder and President of The Heritage Revival Projects, Inc. (Organizers of the Middle Passage Reversal Voyages). According to Professor Paule Marshall, these are journeys we must take into the past if we are to shape a future that reflects us”. By that we would be completing the cycle of freedom and reclaiming our shared ancestral heritage.

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