International Webinar: Welcome to Saudi Arabia, discover the undiscovered. Umrah Plus. 

Saturday, 22 January,  7 pm Makkah time

Webinar Program: 

Webinar starts with the Saudi Arabia Anthem and promotional tourism video

Mr.Raed Habiss president and moderator of the conference opening remark

HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Saud welcome statement

Dr.Taleb Rifai; Speaking about world tourism and importance of Kingdom opening to international tourism. 5 minutes

Mr.Hisham Zaazou: Umrah travel and middle east historical destination. 5 minutes

Ms.Patrizia Gallo; The airline role within Discover the Undiscovered. 10 minutes

Mr.Fouzi Bondgy; Role of the travel agents to promote Saudi destination and selling tours to the Kingdom. 10 min

Mr.Mohammed Nafai; The role of Saudi destination management companies. 10 minutes

Mr.Abdul Latif Alafaleq; Saudi cultural and historical tourism. 10 minutes

Ms.Abir AbuSulayman; Jeddah 3000 years old city, historical tour . 10 minutes

Ms.Lina Al Qahtani; Women in Tourism. 5 minutes

Ms.Julia Feuell; Travel trade training and marketing. 10 minutes

Mr.Sherif Omar; Hospitality and tourist experience . 10 minutes

Q & A ; 30 minutes

Closing remarks by Mr. Habiss