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Who is Seung Ho Youn?

Dr. YOUN Seung Ho is an Associate Professor in Tourism and Hospitality at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) Japan, where he is also the Associate Dean of Admission.  YOUN has received a MA in Tourism Development from Kyonggi University South Korea and a MSc in Tourism from the University of Surrey UK, before pursuing a PhD on cultural heritage and a local citizens’ sense of identity at the School of Psychology, University of Surrey.  At APU, YOUN teaches various courses, such as Hospitality Management, Resort Management, and Tourism Psychology and Tourism Marketing in his classes and seminar.

His research interests include the way tourism promotes local community resilience and visitors’ experience.  YOUN is also passionate about tourism resources, viewing them not as tangible elements, but as experiences, which can be generated by community culture and local’s everyday lives.

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