Who is Abu Sufian?

Mr. Abu Sufian completed his Master degree in Accounting from Dhaka University. The great features of his composition are simplicity, humor and wit. Transparent observation, superfluous language and his own eloquence have earned him great readership as a writer. The author, who is better known to travel readers in Bangladesh as a travel writer & editor and as a playwright and director to television viewers, has been published in newspapers since
the early nineties. Abu Sufian, who has been associated with the print & electronic media for almost three decades, now regularly publishes an international standard travel magazine named VROMON.
He has written and still is writing in almost all the Bangladeshi national dailies like daily Prothom Alo, Bhorer Kagoj, weekly Jaijaidin, Ajker Kagoj, Jugantor, Ittefaq etc. His columns titled ‘Adhghonta’ (Half-an-Hour) and ‘PouneEkghonta’ (FortyFive Minutes) in Bhorer Kagoj and Prothom Alo respectively made him widely known as a popular writer. His writings on travel to several countries on four continents, including Europe, Asia and Australia, Canada, have been especially appreciated by readers. He has already published 20 books including six novels. There are four travelogues about Paris, London, Spain and Sydney. In addition to working in print and electronic media, he is a researcher and enjoying teaching in University and
several professional institutions. In 2011, his exceptional publication JibonJaponey Rasulullah SAW er Bani (The Sayings of Prophet Mohammad SAW for Guiding Life) has been appreciated and discussed extensively including by the knowledgeable and different thinking reader irrespective of faith or race as well. Abu Sufian, who is involved in journalism
and literary work, regularly writes and directs plays for television. In the meantime, there are more than five hundred episodes of drama serial written and directed by him.
In the year 2007 Abu Sufian’s Docu drama ‘Bachar Asha’ (Hope of Life) got the final nomination for EMMY award, a prestigious international award for television program. In the same year ‘Bachar Asha’ won the International Children Day
of Broadcasting (ICDB) award from UNICEF & International Academy of Television Arts and Science. His mega serial dramas like Neerey Taar Neel Dheu, Mouchake Dheel, Ankush, Shornali Din, PanBahar, Tomato Ketchup, Pipeelikar Pakha
Gojay Moribar Torey, Onno Ronger Dhaka etc. telecast over the years in several television channels and earned
tremendous popularity. In addition, his many more special dramas and sequels which have been highly acclaimed by the audience like Shoney-Punyaban, Atithi Kahan, Samjhota, Apartment Samachar, Aggan Party, telefilm Swapno .., Brand-Yad Ali, Certificate etc. In 2006, ‘Samjhota’ won the CJFB (Cultural Journalist Forum of Bangladesh) Award for Best Drama
Script. Recently, a video documentary by Abu Sufian titled ‘Dream Housing in Golden Bengal’ of the Public Works
Department projects under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works was aired on various television channels and was
appreciated by the audiences which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Apart from being a
famous playwright and director, this popular writer has been playing a leading role in taking travel & tourism journalism to
a new dimension in Bangladesh. The editor and author Abu Sufian is an Adjunct Faculty member at the Daffodil
International University and a guest lecturer in the Bangladesh Tourist Police.
To promote the country with its uniqueness Abu Sufian has been able to attract special attention of the people nationally
and internationally by participating in various seminars, symposiums, workshops etc. in the country and abroad through
his knowledge-intelligence and wisdom. He has been leading a variety of short courses, research and training activities
jointly organized by Travel Magazine VROMON, TRD (Tourism Research & Development), Daffodil International University
and Istanbul Gedik University, as well as co-coordinating the ‘RTV-Priyonti Fiction Festa 2022’ of popular television channel
RTV. Abu Sufian serves as the head of the Education, Research and International Communication Subcommittee of
Bangladesh Television and Digital Program Producers Association. This writer, researcher, teacher, editor and television
program director recently joined as a member of the Board of Trustees of Times University Bangladesh.
His books include:
Ankush, RupaBenche Ache,
NeereyTaar Neel Dheu, NeetuKandchhe,
Keherman, Kotha,
Aadghonta – 1, Aadghonta -2, Aadghonta – 3,
PouneEkghanta -4
Cafeteria Corner -1,
Pariser PotheyPothey (In the streets of Paris),
Spain : Surya KironerDeshey (Spain: a country of sunshine),
Abu Sufianer Teen Uponyash,
London Shohorey (In London), Sydneyr PotheyPothey (In the streets of Sydney)
JibonJaponey Rasulullah SAW er Bani (The Sayings of Prophet Mohammad SAW for Guiding Life).

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