Tourism And Technology Summit Africa Enters Into Partnership With Tourism Webinar

Tourism and Technology Summit Africa has entered into a collaborative partnership with Tourism Webinar an international organisation that is specialised in hosting online webinars for the Travel, Hospitality and Tourism industry.
Speaking about the partnership, Dr Reza Soltani President of Tourism Webinar stated that with this partnership Africa stands the chance of highlighting the niche area of how technology can help drive the tourism initiatives and engender an all-inclusive industry for the businesses operating in that sector.
He further stated that the opportunities are available for growth through capacity building, funding and collaborations.

Responding Clara Chinwe Okoro COO My Beautiful Africa organisers of the Tourism and Technology Summit Africa series thanked Dr Reza for anticipating the huge potentials the summit held for the digital transformation of the hospitality and tourism industry in Africa and promised more stakeholders engagement with the Tourism Webinar platform.
This years summit with the theme, Africa as a Smart Tourism destination is focusing on the rise of artificial intelligence and IOT in the travel industry.
Smart tourism refers to the application of information and communication technology for developing innovative tools in tourism. It supports integrated efforts at a destination to find innovative ways to collect and use data derived from physical infrastructure, social connectedness and organizational sources (both government and non-government) alongside users in combination with advanced technologies to increase efficiency, sustainability and experiences.
Other partners to the project include Technology Mirror, Media7, GlobalstartupEcosystem GPWN, UNWTO Infinito amongst others.
This year’s summit is slated for 30th September 2021

Clara Chinwe Okoro                    Isaiah Erhiawarien                        Reza Soltani
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