Who is Birgit Trauer ?

birgit trauer

Dr. Birgit Trauer is board member of Institute of Tourism

Dr. Birgit Trauer’s life journey is replete with extensive experiences in the fields of leisure, travel, and tourism, both in industry and academia, and, not to forget, in the adventure that is life.

Birgit holds a PhD in Tourism Management from The University of Queensland, Australia. In her thesis, she explored the nature of adventure tourism experiences, utilising the constructs of motivation, risk perception, and specifically the idea of involvement (behavioural/cognitive/affective involvement) to conceptualise Special Interest Tourism. Her thesis offers new frameworks and insights for the design, management and marketing of travel and tourism experiences.

Birgit has published in top international academic journals and academic text books, including a chapter on Special Interest Tourism in The SAGE International Encyclopaedia of Travel and Tourism (2017). At the end of 2020 Birgit published her book entitled The Way of the Peaceful Traveller – Dare to Care and Connect. Birgit is a Charter Member of the International Institute of Peace through Tourism (IIPT), a founding member of the World Tourism Network, and a member of projecthope.travel and ICTP.

Prior to her involvement in academia, Birgit worked in the international airline industry, in retail and wholesale travel agencies, in tourism resorts, as a tour guide, and as a trainer and coach in the health and fitness industry. Originally German and now Australian citizen, with two adult children who reside on the opposite sides of the globe, Birgit’s adventurous life journey has led her to live in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, England, the United Arab Emirates, and Greece.

Birgit believes that life is the biggest adventure where our inner and outer worlds meet, filled with an immense array of challenges and emotional episodes. She views life’s journey as one interspersed with travel experiences to places near and far, a journey shared with people close to our hearts and strangers we meet along the way.  

Her life experiences have taught her that no matter whether we are at home or during our travels, we all deep down seek meaningful connections and nourishing relationships, intimacy and love, inner and outer peace. This necessitates introspection and asking questions as to who we are and who we want to be; to explore why we think, feel, react, and act the way we do and the impact this has on others. It requires our willingness and intentional approach to live by our proclaimed values­, to act out of love and not out of fear, to respect and honour with humility not only our own needs and desires but those of others. This inner journey into our most intimate personal landscapes is the foundation for peace-oriented co-creation and peaceful co-existence.

As the Founding Director of The Cultural Angle, Birgit continues to share her passion for life and to create enjoyable and rewarding journeys of discovery. She views herself as a guide and facilitator of learning with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the potential cathartic, therapeutic and transformational power of travel experiences and the benefits of regenerative tourism.

Birgit believes that no matter what role we play on the stage of travel and tourism, we all can embrace the role of the peaceful traveller, conscious that peace starts with each one of us.  In all her work and life practices, Birgit draws on mindful experiential learning and theoretical insights as the way for everyone to experience the joy of travel which is not only about the art of travel but the art of living together in harmony and peace.


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