Who is Burcin Turkkan ?

Burçin Türkkan is a distinguished executive with over 25 years of experience in international HR, finance, education, innovation, business strategy, and operations. As an entrepreneur, she founded USEH International Training Services, which has been providing international HR consulting and talent management services for 23 years. She also established International Training and Education Canada in 2020 and New Era Business Innovation and Management Consulting, offering a range of consulting services for global business success.

Türkkan, a change management specialist, was the global President of Skal International in 2022, where she implemented significant governance transformations in the organization’s 90-year history. Her expertise extends to PR, communications, and international business and innovation consulting, focusing on strategic growth and marketing strategies.

With an educational and professional background spanning six countries, Türkkan has resided in Atlanta, GA, for the past 22 years. She holds an MBA from Johnson & Wales University, a BSc in Tourism & Hotel Management from Bilkent University, a Certified Hospitality Educator designation by AHLEI, and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership in 21st Century Organizations from Copenhagen Business School.

Türkkan’s involvement with Skal began in 2007 at the Skal Atlanta Club. She served as the President of the Skal Atlanta Chapter in 2014 and held various positions in Skal USA, including Presidency in 2018. Elected to the SI Executive Board representing the USA in 2019, she served as the SI World President in 2022.

Burcin Turkkan’s articles can be found on the New Era Business Innovation and Management Consulting blog. This blog features various topics including business strategy, change management, entrepreneur consulting, international partnerships, digital IT consulting, digital media consulting, planning and marketing, and talent consulting. The articles provide insights and expertise in these areas, reflecting Turkkan’s extensive experience in business and management. For detailed information and to explore the articles, you can visit their blog directly here.

Outside of her professional life, Türkkan is an avid tennis player, enjoys traveling and skiing, and is the proud mother of Busem Zencirli, the Food Network’s Chopped Junior Champion of May 2017.

You can find Burcin Turkkan’s Article’s at this link:  https://newerabusinessconsulting.com/blog

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