Who is Daw May Moe Wah?

Environmental Advocate and Management Professional

May left Myanmar when she was 19 years old and returned 16 years later. Ever since then, she has not looked back. May has contributed to the society through environmental concerned, awareness raising, various talks, seminars and trainings across Myanmar and Asia-Pacific by using the years of knowledge and professional experience she has gained over the years.

May works as the Partnerships Director for WWF in Myanmar in cultivating strategic relationships and alliances for the WWF projects. May is also an entrepreneur, the Co-founder of Acorns Winery, a traditional winery business that supports local farmers and empowering women through job security. May is also the Founder of Australian Alumni Myanmar (AAM) and Co-Founded to the Speaker’s Hub – Myanmar.

Currently May is studying for her Doctorate at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. She graduated from Victoria University, Australia for Bachelor’s Degree in Banking & Finance and a Master’s in Business Administration. In late 2017, she was awarded the Professional Practitioner for Change Management & Organizational Development from the London Training for Excellence, United Kingdom.



May Moe Wah

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