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Institute of Tourism: Bangladesh Research Centre is a tourism research organization approved by the internationally renowned organization ‘Institute of Tourism’. Its main responsibility is to carry out practical research to solve various problems of tourism in Bangladesh.

This organization will research issues related to tourism in Bangladesh, with priority community-based tourism, rural tourism, religious tourism, peace and tourism. Students, teachers, researchers can be directly or indirectly associated with this organization.

Picture of Prof. Mokhlesur Rahman

Prof. Mokhlesur Rahman


President Bangladesh Tourism Foundation

Picture of Md. Akhteruzzaman

Md. Akhteruzzaman



Picture of Dr. Afshana Parven

Dr. Afshana Parven


Asst. Prof. Noakhali Science and Technology University

Picture of Jashim Uddin Sarker

Jashim Uddin Sarker


Asst. Prof. Peoples University of Bangladesh

Picture of S M Shahedul Alam

S M Shahedul Alam


Asst. Prof. Pabna University of Science and Technology

Picture of Asmaul Husna Megha

Asmaul Husna Megha


Lecturer, Peoples University of Bangladesh

Picture of Jannatul Ferdaus

Jannatul Ferdaus


Research Associate
Tourism Educators Association of Bangladesh

Picture of Dr. Kazi Fatema Pariza

Dr. Kazi Fatema Pariza


Community-based Agro-tourism Researcher

Picture of Zahin M. Rafid

Zahin M. Rafid

 Research Associate 

Religious Tourism

Picture of Md. Mahi Uddin

Md. Mahi Uddin

 Research Associate 

Lecturer Wrangler Kiron Dey Model College Mymensing

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