Poor People should not be Slaves to Tourism

By Prof. Mokhlesur Rahman

A poor population generally lacks food, quality shelter, medical care, education, etc. Similarly, they do not have much education, skills, or ability to invest in the business or practical knowledge of business. As a result, they cannot easily find their way out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Tourism can relieve this condition. But what kind of tourism is it?

We then approach the corporate investment in tourism due to local people’s lack of finance and inexperience in trade. The aim is that if there is a big visible tourism establishment, local people will get work in it. But the reality is that in such organizations, local people only get the jobs of some workers. That too for a short time.

To get rid of this situation, through tourism extension education to the local population to use the natural capital and their traditional knowledge to build tourism compatible with their lifestyle, which will not make them suffer the place of residence. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that they do not become unworthy workers in the heavy investment of tourism. The culture, traditions, beliefs, and life myths of the local people will not be harmed at all. In no way can the said residents be turned into tourism slaves in the hope of making money. Such activities of tourism will make people a bit economically self-sufficient but will cause human defeat. I hope no one recognizes the defeat of poor people and humanity through tourism.



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