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Who is Paul Rogers?

Paul’s PhD centered on tourism, conservation and development issues in Nepal’s Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) National Park.  He has over 20 years’ experience as a tourism advisor to national and local governments and tourism organizations, and has worked in more than a dozen countries in South and South-East Asia, Africa and Australia.  His focus has been on the policy and planning arena – on using tourism, as one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries that provides 1 in every 10 jobs worldwide, as a vehicle for development.

Planet Happiness is a TOURISM and BIG DATA project of the  Happiness Alliance:

Mission is to focus the attention of all tourism stakeholders on the well-being agenda; and use tourism as a vehicle for development that demonstrably strengthens ​destination sustainability and the quality of life of host communities.

At Planet Happiness, we work with all tourism stakeholders to position host-community well-being front and center.

Paul Rogers

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