Who is Professor Jennifer Chan?

Jennifer Kim Lian Chan is Professor of Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy and Director of the Borneo Tourism Research Centre, Universiti Malaysia Sabah since 2015. She served as Deputy Director for the Centre for Strategic and Academic Management (2008-2014), and Deputy Dean for Research and Development at the School of Business and Economics (2000-2002).

She is a national panel auditor for the Tourism and Hospitality Program Accreditation appointed by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency; a facilitator and trainer for AKEPT Student Supervision Train the trainer Training Module; a Technical and Commercial Assessment Panel – Ministry of Science and Technology, Malaysia; committee member of the  Entry Point Project (EPP10) – Tourism and Hospitality Cluster and the Malaysian Centre for Tourism and Education (MyCenThe).  Prof Dr Jennifer is also an International Visiting Professorial Fellow of the Royal Institution, Singapore; Honorary President of the Royal Institute of Tourism, Singapore and Professorial Chair holder in the field of tourism and human capital development by Royal Institution Singapore (2017-2018).

Her research focuses on various issues within the  tourism and hospitality management including the nature tourism and tourism, protected areas, sustainable and responsible tourism management, hospitality, human resource management; and tourism marketing including the tourist behaviour, product development and service experience.   Another stream of research addresses issues of tourism research methodological issues such as using multi methods and data triangulation, mixed methods research and qualitative method. A special focus is given to issues of destination safety and risk in the context of tourism. Her academic work consists of both theoretical conceptualization and empirical studies. The latter is mostly based on qualitative methods, but include surveys and quantitative analyses as well. Jennifer published her research in books and leading journals in the study area of tourism and hospitality. She is a regular speaker, panel and chair of forum discussion in national and international conferences.

She is active as a regular reviewer for high impact and Scopus tourism and hospitality journals; editor/ board member for The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Experience Management and Marketing (TRHTEMM), editor for IGI Global-bookGlobal Opportunities and Challenges for Rural and Mountain Tourism, an editorial board member for the review panel for Electronic Journal of Business Research Method, International Journal of Qualitative Research in Services; and the Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism.

At the International level, she holds several positions: appointed by the World Gastronomy Institute as an Advisory Member Malaysia since 2018; an International Visiting Professorial Fellow and Doctor Fellow of the Royal Institution, Singapore since 2015; Honorary President of the Royal Institute of Tourism, Singapore; Professorial Chairholder in the field of Tourism and Human Capital Development by the Royal Institution Singapore (2017- 2018); Board Member of the Asian Ecotourism Network since January 2019.

She has won six Best international referred conference paper awards as single and co-author; has published more than 90 papers in journals, book chapters and conference proceeding besides being invited as keynote speaker, speaker, panelist and chair for forum discussion in national and international conferences.

She received several distinctive awards, including Lifetime achievement in Tourism and Management Award by Venue International foundation, Chennai, India on 3 March 2018.-,;; UMS Prominent Leadership Excellence Award -Instructor (2016) in 2017 and awarded the Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang for her outstanding performances and ser­vices in 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2012; and Meritorious Service Award, Universiti Malaysia Sabah in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013.

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